Hello my name is Kevin Roberts and I'm a 42 year old father of one. I currently live in Birmingham UK with my wife and two cats. Since the Coronavirus outbreak I have been working from home which has given me much more time to spend with my family.

I have worked in the NHS since 2002 in various roles and I am currently the Data Warehouse and Development Manager for Midlands and Lancashire CSU. My LinkedIn profile and job history is publicly available.

I enjoy travelling, especially around Europe and I would love to visit every country. A map of the European countries I have visited so far can be found below.

I like to use this site as a fun way to learn about making websites and showcasing some of my work and projects that I have enjoyed. Below you can find information and links to some of these projects.

Within my NHS career and personal hobby projects I have had exposure to the following languages each of which I believe have helped to me to develop my computer skills.

  • T-SQL including the full Microsoft BI stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)

  • Microsoft Azure administration, building VMs and Data Factories and many other skills

    • Check out my Microsoft Azure certificates!

  • PowerShell

  • C#

  • Python

  • HTML & CSS

  • JavaScript

Here are few fun things that I have worked on during my own time;

  • Hangman - Choose a subject and play a game of Hangman written in Python. The word to be guessed is sourced from the internet, e.g. a continually up to date list of Top 100 films sourced from IMDb. I am currently working on adding graphics/animations.

  • Adventure game sheet - Fighting Fantasy books use a game sheet to log the outcome of your battles during your adventure. Now replaced with a Python script, dice roller and bookmarking included.

  • NHS Number Generator - All NHS numbers can be verified as valid. This is a script that can generate them all.

  • Lift simulation written in C#

  • Darts out shot written in SQL

  • Coin Dispenser written in SQL

I also enjoying making projects with Raspberry Pis, some of which can be found below by clicking on the raspberry.

If you have any questions for me about my work or regarding my projects then please get in contact.

Github Projects

Click the logo to see some of my GitHub repositories

Raspberry Pi

I have several Raspberry Pis and have put them to good use!

Click the raspberry to read about my projects

Codecademy is great for learning new languages. Achievements

Mountain Bikes

I enjoy cycling and especially mountain bike riding