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Raspberry Pi

I've recently received a raspberry pi for Christmas and one of my first ideas was to build a MAME machine inspired by this truly awesome build;

and help from

The MAME will still happen but I might just buy another pi for that specific purpose as they are only £25 or so.

However, what I ended up creating during the Christmas holiday was a web server, hosted by my good self and the raspberry pi (with a little help from SKY).

You can access the website using the following url;

I will also add that I was able to complete the creation of the web server on the raspberry pi using only a HP Chromebook 14. No windows systems were used what so ever!!!! (Not that I'm against windows but this felt so cheap it made me feel like I needed a shower!)

I'm hoping that this web server will evolve into a lot more than what it currently is and soon I am hoping that I will be able to host this entire site using the raspberry pi alone!

Watch this space...