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Raspberry Pi

posted 30 Dec 2014, 16:23 by Kevin Roberts

I have a Raspberry Pi!!!!!

You can read all about it on my new page here

Submit your own hates!!

posted 2 Jan 2014, 14:36 by Kevin Roberts

Can you tell I like Google Forms?

Yes that's right I've been making as many Google Forms as possible and now you too can submit the things you hate!

If I hate them too then I'll add them to the list!

Get submitting and let's see what we can get trending.....

HINTS: Miley Cyrus, Christmas, New Year, getting old, fat and miserable etc!!


posted 2 Jan 2014, 14:17 by Kevin Roberts

I've now created a feedback page for comments as Google sites does not allow comments from anyone who is not a collaborator.

Before you ask, no you can not be a collaborator.

Please feel free to leave any comments. I may or may not get back to you.

The Hate List!!!

posted 2 Jan 2014, 14:12 by Kevin Roberts

Rather childishly I decided the first thing to create on my website (rather than posting details about myself on the front page) was to create a list of the things I hated.

I'm not an entirely hate filled person but I'm probably a glass half-full (with hate) kind-a-guy.

I like disliking things as I feel it's a reason to spur change and positive criticism. If something's broke then bloody well get on and fix it!!!!

NOTE: DIY is on the list and therefore if anything is broken in the house then it will most likely be fixed by a professional or someone who can be more bothered than I.

Still under construction?

posted 2 Jan 2014, 09:11 by Kevin Roberts   [ updated 2 Jan 2014, 15:12 ]

Although I think I started this site during March of 2013, you may be able to tell that I still have done very little with it.

I've just been sent an email checking to see if I wanted to re-register my domain. I have re-registered and this has spurred me on to doing something a little more with this site.

It's really only for the fun of making a site and nothing more than that. I think I'll be trying to give it some more content and then I'll hopefully get round to changing the current theme (less blue).

We'll see what happens

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